RESOURCES FROM … The role of science councils in realising national development goals Human and Social Dynamics (HSD) Research Seminar Department of Science and Technology (DST), Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

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This research seminar focused on how science councils can balance multiple roles, to conduct research and innovation that contribute to the realisation of national developmental goals. The value of such a workshop is that it can bring together researchers, policymakers and knowledge producers to engage around current practice, to inform policy strategies and mechanisms that may facilitate the promotion of science, technology and innovation for inclusive development at national and organisational levels.

Three main objectives informed the structure of the programme, the presentations and the discussions:

  1. To provide new research evidence on the roles of science councils in the national system of innovation in terms of the goals of inclusive national development.
  2. To examine the nature of the institutional strategies, structures and mechanisms science councils use to promote linkages and interaction with firms, government, civil society and communities.
  3. To inform strategic policy on the role of science councils and innovation for inclusive development.

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