Electing councillors – A guide to municipal elections

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Dullah Omar Institute
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Jaap de Visser and Nico Steytler, both professors at the Dullah Omar Institute, have written a manual entitled: Electing Councillors – A Guide to Municipal Elections which explains the rules for local government elections. It discusses the rules for voter registration, party registration, ward candidates and party lists. It also explains what happens on voting day, how votes are counted and how results are determined.

The authors say its objective is to assist anyone who participates in the election or assists in making it happen. This includes election officials, candidates, parties, observers, journalists, civil society and anyone with an interest in the elections. The manual also addresses the rules for filling vacancies in between general elections.

According to the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Des van Rooyen, the Manual provides insight into the electoral process and will ensure that the various role-players are suitably informed of the rules and regulations governing them. The Minister hopes in particular that citizens, the media, political parties and their candidates take note of these legal prescripts.