Hopos Journal: Call for submissions for a new essay competition: Invisible Philosophy of Science

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6 months
Deadline :
Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 23:00

The Hopos Journal is looking for submissions for a new essay competition, "Invisible Philosophy of Science". Stephen Shapin's classic paper talks about "invisible technicians": the workers and craftspeople who contributed to science, and whose work made possible the artefacts and results of science itself, but who are often "invisible" to history of science. (Link to the paper: https://scholar.harvard.edu/…/s…/files/shapin-invis_tech.pdf)

The journal is looking for work that uncovers invisible contributors to philosophy of science. Communities and figures whose work is not immediately evident in philosophy of science, but whose work and ideas shaped the discipline. Any work on any area from any part of the globe is welcome. Work on history and theory of race, the history of computing and computability, related histories of modeling and simulation, the history of the life sciences (and the history of philosophy of biology), histories of experiment and instrumentation (including scientific societies and labs), the role of agriculture and other practical sciences in economic theory and its philosophy, histories of how different scientific, scholarly, and research communities thought of 'understanding' and 'explanation'... and there's a (much) longer list. For more information - http://bit.ly/2yJkoMt