World health report 2013: Research for universal health coverage

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Research reports & papers
Author :
World Health Organisation (WHO)
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This report argues that universal health coverage – with full access to high-quality services for prevention, treatment and financial risk protection – cannot be achieved without the evidence provided by scientific research. The World health report 2013 calls for:

  • Increased international and national investment and support in research aimed specifically at improving coverage of health services within and between countries.
  • Closer collaboration between researchers and policymakers, i.e. research needs to be taken outside the academic institutions and into public health programmes that are close to the supply of and demand for health services.
  • Countries to build research capacity by developing a local workforce of well-trained, motivated researchers.
  • Every country to have comprehensive codes of good research practice in place. Global and national research networks to coordinate research efforts by fostering collaboration and information exchange.