Lessons learned on promoting better links between research and policy in Latin America

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Research reports & papers
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Politics & Ideas, GDNet, CIPPEC
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The reasons given for writing this paper are:

  • To better reflect on what has worked and what has not in terms of the key activities of the programme: research production, capacity development and networking and partnerships.
  • To produce valuable evidence that can guide strategic design of future work by the diverse partners of the programme.
  • To share this knowledge with organisations/persons working in this field.

Highlights that the most valuable lessons contained in these pages have derived from interaction with others. This paper is a product of continuous collective thinking: it is not what we have learned just by ourselves but what we have reflected upon, digested, discussed and discovered by talking with other colleagues and experts, asking for their feedback, encouraging them to question and challenge us, asking about what could be different or improved in the future.