From Evidence to Action: Data curation update

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Policy Action Network
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In this issue of From Evidence to Action we focus on data curation, data sharing and the importance of data in the research evidence chain, as well as the use of data. The benefits of data archiving are vast, and include that it encourages secondary use of research scientific research and allows researchers to scrutinise research results, and allows for some comparative analysis, as well as providing a historical perspective. Data curation can also lead to new collaborative research networks, and it becomes possible to find out about other researchers working in the same field. Duplication is reduced as it is not necessary to repeat what has already been done, and, importantly, good, clean, well preserved data allows for greater focus on the research questions.

In our feature we profile the HSRC’s Data Curation (DCURE) unit and how it approaches its mandate for sharing data. Our guidelines are from the Royal Society and we shine our Spotlight on (UK organization). We share a policy brief recommended by the HSRC Data Curation team and as always we have collated resources on data curation, including events, opportunities, additional reports and links of interest to the data community.

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