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Monday, May 7, 2018 - 14:30

An invitation to academics and researchers to share views, expertise, research and analysis with a wide audience - The Conversation has been launched in Johannesburg

The Conversation Africa was launched in April 2015. It is a newsroom, based in Johannesburg, that is funded by local and international donors to make the expertise of academics available to the general public by publishing articles written by them and edited by journalists. It is an edition of The Conversation, an independent not-for-profit website written by academics and edited by journalists, already in operation in Australia, the UK and the US (

The Conversation has become an indispensable media resource, providing new ideas and talent for traditional and new media. The Conversation reaches an audience of more than 2 million unique browsers a month, and has been read by more than 20 million people through Creative Commons which allows for free republication of all material.

You can write for The Conversation Africa by submitting ideas via the website or by being approached by commissioning editors. Should you wish to write for the site, you are requested to abide by protocols set out in The Conversation’s editorial charter and community standards; to disclose your sources of funding and any potential conflicts; and to write in areas in which you have demonstrated expertise.

Academics who have written for The Conversation elsewhere had this to say: “The Conversation translates the best scholarly research into lively journalism.” – Cathy Davidson, Distinguished Professor, Director of The Futures Initiative at City University of New York “The Conversation provides readers with a well-informed, but straight forward and easily understood description of events and new developments… not available anywhere else.” – Sir Ian Wilmut, Emeritus Professor, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh

If you are a university-based academic or researcher contact Caroline Southey (Editor) [email protected]