deepening democracy

  • The fifth edition of the State of Local Governance from the Good Governance Learning Network which argues that people can and should be in control of their own development, not in isolation from the state or other civic actors, but in direct conversation or, at times, in contestation with these o

  • The global synthesis report of the Civil Society at a Crossroads initiative - a collective reflection process about the future of civil society around the world.

  • This is a case study for the project entitled: Globalisation, marginalisation and new social movements in post-apartheid South Africa.

  • In a dialogue funded by the IDRC, Idasa considered the space civil society has within the new political dispensation under a Zuma Administration. Further discussion under the auspices of Fredskorpset (FK) and Idasa’s CCEP should be seen as a continuation of this dialogue.

  • Assembled collaboratively over the past year by several South African civil society organisations (CSOs), this report scrutinises the country’s track record in fighting corruption, managing diversity, addressing xenophobia and racism, managing elections, consolidating democracy and upholding the rul